Payakumbuh, ArchipelagoPost - Community Caring for Arts and Culture Payakumbuh (MPSB) in collaboration with the West Sumatra Provincial Tourism Office to hold a Creative Economy Market activity. 

This Iven is located at Agamjua Art and Culture Cafe on the edge of Batang Agam river where some contents were  displayed. (16/11)

Among them are traditional music and gamad performances played by musicians from 19 cities / districts in West Sumatra. As well as the appearance of traditional culinary products from 10 villages in the city of Payakumbuh.

Deni Rao - the head of the activity committee expressed to reporters at the event location.

"Here, we are committed to strictly implementing the Covid-19 protocol standard at the entrance and the provisions that have been set for visitors, including the number of visitors which is limited to only 150 people," said Deni Rao accompanied by secretary Farhan Cress. 

Aprizal, head of the Community Caring for Arts and Culture Payakumbuh (MPSB) said the purpose of this activity was that even though our current situation is experiencing the Covid-19 pandemic, it is possible to carry out community-based activities.

"We want to show all the potential in society, especially in the fields of cultural and culinary arts," said Aprizal. 

One of the performances from the Talang Sarumpun art group from Bulakan Balai Kandi, inviting enthusiastic visitors. Where this group presented the Minangkabau style of Wedding Ceremonial "Baralek Gadang". 

Among them are "Menjapuik Sumando", "Dianta Bako", "Malam Bainai ", "Maarak Mempelai" and until the bride and groom sit in the altar accompanied with music and traditional dances 

The chief of the Talang Sarumpun art group, Kiki Adrian, said that the procession displayed was a kind of stages in the traditional marriage process in Minangkabau.

"As the younger generation, we are obliged to maintain the identity of the nation. Here, as young Minangkabau people, we try to explore, develop and preserve our customs and culture, especially in the arts," explained Kiki Adrian. (R.Stp)

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