Payakumbuh, Archipelagopost - Being the front guard, Covid-19 Emergency Response Post officers in Payakumbuh City Center consisting of the National Police,  National Army, Health Officers,  Regional Disaster Management Agency,  Civil Service Police Unit and volunteer of Disaster Alert Groups again received moral assistance from the Payakumbuh community.

The officers are  working 24 hours to protect the Payakumbuh residents from Corona Virus infection which is threatening every time, of course they must always be alert and in prime condition.

That night, Wednesday (1/4) there was a citizen named Suci Suci who came with her family to the Covid-19 Command Post with plastic gifts filled with snacks and coffee for the officers. The arrival of the residents was warmly welcomed by the officers there.

"We want to also help the government fight Covid-19 as possible, this is all we can do, we also follow the government's call to not have much activity outside," Suci said.

Suci said that as a citizen there would be a sense of concern at seeing how the struggle of officers who come in daily contact with people from outside the area came to the post to report her arrival, of course the risk of contracting Covid-19 could have occurred.

"We citizens, really hope that this epidemic ends as soon as possible, we pray that the ladies and gentlemen of the officers will be given protection by God," Suci said while talking to the officers.

Payakumbuh City Police Chief, Police Grand Commissioner Adjutant  Dony Setiawan appreciated the moral assistance from the residents, Police Chief Dony said that any assistance from any citizen was received with open arms, because to fight against Covid-19 this needed together and a sense of cooperation.

"Thanks to the community for their support, this has become an additional energy for our officers in the field," said the police chief Dony Setiawan. (De Sitepoe)