Limapuluh Kota, ArchiPelagoPost - The potential of the Nagari Taeh Bukik tourism village located in Payakumbuh District, Limapuluh Kota Regency, West Sumatra Province is very promising. The area with 26.91 square kilometers out of 27.05 square kilometers in the area of Payakumbuh District has a hilly contour which gives a horizontal view to any direction.

Interesting scenery can be obtained when in the foothills of Mount Bungsu when the weather is sunny. Along the trail of the youngest mountain, you can get a view of the expanse of forest and fields and its terrain. From a distance at night there will be twinkling lights in the city of Payakumbuh.

Nagari Taeh Bukik is located about 7 kilometers from the capital of the sub-district and 18 kilometers from the capital of the Sarilamak district. There are 4 jorong available here namely Pogang, Talago, Bukik Tapuang and Pabatungan.

Here the Paragliding National Championship was held on June 9-14, 2015. This championship was attended by national sports athletes who performed their talents at this prestigious event. Even though the championship is over, the interest of visitors remains high and is a favorite place to watch paragliders who are practicing.

Not only that, it turns out that the Grasstrack & Motocross Championship event was held here. Since the 2000s there have only been new circuits created, but non-permanent. Iven finished, the track was not used anymore, returned to its original condition as a community farmland.

Finally, Sestiadi Bay's Tanjuro Circuit appeared with a length of 1200 meters with 14 turns. Equipped with 2 table top, speed jump and national standard. Built on an area of 5 hectares, then only finishing to hold the grasstrack & motocross championship again.

Besides Nagari Taeh Bukik is famous for its traditional food called Pinyaram which comes from rice flour and palm sugar. Pinyaram from here is famous everywhere and many fans of traditional foods are chasing it to the place of the maker. One of them is Jemari Hasmi (65), a citizen of Jorong Pabatungan who is famous for his homemade pinyaram.

Rinaldi, one of the geo-tourism businesses in Luak Limopuluah said that the tourism potential in Nagari Taeh Bukik is very promising for the management of tourism businesses. With the synergy with Nagari and all components of the community, the tourism sector can be further developed in the future.

"With a beautiful view and friendliness of the population, visitors will flock to arrive who will later increase income and improve the economy of local people", said Rinaldi. (RSTP)