Payakumbuh, ArchipelagoPost - Alek Buru Payakumbuh committee implements "goro" (working together-/*) in order to prepare everything would be properly in the field.

One of important thing is by installing plastic net in the location of community plants that are entering the harvest period. (12/19)

Porbbi Chairperson of Payakumbuh city Robby Setiadi Hardana said that he would not be detrimental to the community.

"For this reason, we and the committee will carry out "goro" together to put plastic fence in the location of community plants that are or will be ready for harvest.

This fence installation is usually done in the fields of chilli, eggplant, tomatoes and so forth.

This is to prevent later hunting dogs which usually number in the hundreds enter the community garden area which of course will damage the plant ", said Robby.

Si Ong (42 years old), a resident of the Payakumbuh - Sei Beringin border area. Wishing to appreciate the care of the committee Alek Buru Payakumbuh 2019 in reducing the risk of community losses due to this event.

"We are very grateful to the chairman of Porbbi and the committee who want to install plastic fence around the community gardens. Hopefully the Alek Buru Payakumbuh event should go smoothly," said Si Ong. (***)