Limapuluh Kota, ArchipelagoPost - Tour de Singkarak (TdS) 2019 Stage 3 in the Limapuluh Kota district was successful and lively.

The selected start location will take place from the Aka Barayun Waterfall in the Harau Valley of the Harau District. This international scale bicycle race has a 125.6 km distance to finish in the city of Padang Panjang on Monday (11/5).

In celebrating the Start at etape 3, it was enlivened by traditional art attractions and performances of superior products belonging to the Limapuluh Kota Regency. Furthermore, along the road that was passed by the bicycle riders also enlivened by residents who want to see firsthand the event that was followed by the international racers.

Appearing at the event were the Deputy Governor of West Sumatra Nasrul Abit and the Regent of Limapuluh Kota Irfendi Arbi, Forkopimda as well as all OPD instruments and the entire community.

When confirmed by reporters, the Limapuluh Kota Regent Irfendi Arbi said, with the activities that took place at the 2019 Tour De Singkarak moment Stage 3 in Limapuluh Kota Regency, it was utilized as much as possible to improve existing tourism efforts.

Not only that, Limapuluh Kota regency government has set up a number of counters from various departments as well as counters of reliable products and local products from Limapuluh Kota Regency.

"With this moment we will maximize our efforts to increase tourism in our area, besides that we have also established a counter with local products from our own regions," said Regent Irfendi Arbi.

With the start location that has the charm of green natural beauty, the participants when released directly by the Deputy Governor of West Sumatra Nasrul Abit who were also enthusiastic about enjoying other natural beauty along the path in the Limapuluh Kota district.

On that occasion, as Head of the Youth and Sports Tourism Office, Nengsih, S.Pd said, over the past few days, we had made every effort to hold a Start Location on the Tour De Singkarak Stage 3 event held in Limapuluh Kota District.

"In the last few days we have been trying everything to prepare for the successful implementation of the Start on Tour de Singkarak Stage 3 in Limapuluh Kota Regency in 2019, this was done to provide an attraction for tourists to find out the improvement in the quality of Harau Tourism Object locations with the slogan "Harau Worldwide, "explained Nengsih.

In addition to directly involving the community of Limapuluh Kota regency to fill in a series of activities. There are counter promoting SME products produced various handicrafts of the Limapuluh Kota community which had also become a product that was often exported abroad. (Novi)