Pulau Sibandang, ArchipelagoPost - The charming of Lake Toba tourism objects makes a group of press members who are members of the Indonesian Press Camp carry out exploration of tourism potential there.

From 14 to 16 November 2019, this place which became the location of the campsite and the main focus of attention there was in the Sibandang Tourism Village, Muara District, North Tapanuli.

Sibandang Village is one of 3 villages on the small island of Sibandang, which is in the Lake Toba area. The location is not too far, only about 45 minutes from Silangit Airport including 15 minutes from the port of Muara by boat.

Around the island of Sibandang there are small piers specifically for passengers, so that residents' activities continue to run as needed. Without having to go to a distant port.

All participants of the Indonesian press camp were very surprised and fascinated by the hospitality of the community of Sibandang island who welcomed them in full from the district apparatus as well as village and traditional leaders.

From the start, the community enthusiastically welcomed the Indonesian Press Camp troupe in a friendly manner by the charming traditional dance performance of tortor and the Hoda Hoda tortor performed by schoolgirls in distinctive traditional clothes.

The night was full of lively welcoming and full of joy and kinship, shown by the citizens of Sibandang Island, creating a mood that made it feel like returning to our own home. (Rahmat de Sitepoe)