Payakumbuh, ArchipelagoPost - The Association of Farmers and Hobbyist Lovers Community Payakumbuh City Payakumbuh will soon hold Payakumbuh Agro Expo 2019. 

This event will be held from 10 September to 10 October 2019 taking place at Pasar Rakyat II Padang Kaduduak Kelurahan Tigo Koto Diate Payakumbuh District North of the city Payakumbuh.

The head of the event organizer, Joni Safasni, who is familiarly called Mosir, said that this activity aimed to channel the interests and creativity of the community, especially the communities in Payakumbuh and other areas in West Sumatra.

Furthermore Joni Safasni expressed the theme of this activity in order to build farmer synergy and support the downstreaming of IKM agricultural products and hobby community products.

"From the several objectives of this activity, we emphasize the importance of effective promotion of regional superior products and arouse the enthusiasm of the younger generation for the importance of development and development in agriculture and other hobbies of economic value," said Mosir.

"Later on in the Payakumbuh Agro Expo 2019 will be enriched with interesting programs such as the Agro Exhibition, Photo Selfie Contest, Sculpture Flower Art Contest, Flower Arrangement Competition, Pet Animal Contest, Twitter Birds Contest, Reptile Community Contest, Traditional Culinary Contest, Akik Stone Contest , High Flying Pigeon Race and other contests ", Mosir said.

"We hope that the Payakumbuh Expo will trigger all the positive creativity that will be the forerunner of an effective promotion for the potential of trade, agriculture, tourism and channel the interests of hobby communities in the region. Let's enliven and get new experiences", concluded Mosir.

Egon, one of the Payakumbuh Expo participants in the Batu Akik Contest program welcomed and enthusiastically will participate in this event.

"We will showcase selected agate stones with super quality materials. We prove that the agate is not faded and lost," said agate hobbyist with millions of rupiah transactions from European and American buyers via online. (Relative media partner)