Limapuluh Kota, ArchipelagoPost- Pasa Harau 2019 Art and Culture Festival which was held at Kenagarian Harau Friday - Sunday (16-18 /09/2019) was initiated by the Limapuluh Kota Regency Government as an opportunity to bring creative economic actors to the international arena. The festival which has become an annual agenda by the Indonesian Ministry of Tourism is used as an opportunity to recruit international business partners for local products.

With plans and programs to bring Limapuluh Kota creative economic actors to compete in an international free market, the event held by the people of Nagari Harau and the Office of Tourism, Youth and Sports in the Limapuluh Kota Regency were able to stimulate the creativity of local economic actors.

"We invited a number of Limapuluh Kota creative economists to display and exhibit their work at this event. Then guests from outside and within the country could judge for themselves how the local wealth of Limapuluh Kota was directly. Whether it could be a business opportunity or not," Walinagari Harau said. , Syukri Andi was accompanied by Novirita - head of the promotion section of the Limapuluh Kota district tourism office to reporters at the Pasa Harau site on Saturday (08/17).

When these foreign and domestic business people evaluate the quality and opportunities of the international market, the owners of creative businesses also present their respective products.
"So the Pasa Harau Art and Culture Festival is not just a ceremonial festival to showcase Minangkabau culture in Limapuluh Kota. But it can be an entry point for Limapuluh Kota creative businesses to put their products on the international free market," he said

This time for Pasa Harau 2019, the focus is on Minangkabau cultural accessories knick knacks whose basic ingredients are wood and twigs. Then Minangkabau woven cloth.

"Hopefully the creative economy practitioners who make stands here can partner with foreign businessmen who come today," explained Walinagari.

Meanwhile, the Regent of Limapuluh Kota Regency, Irfendi Arbi is preparing another opportunity for other creative economic actors to be able to bring local Minangkabau products to the international business zone.

"So this Pasa Harau is a gateway to go further and besides that there are still other breakthroughs we are preparing," he concluded.

He also said that the Limapuluh Kota Regency Government was intensively conducting training and education to local creative actors on how to standardize produl products sold abroad.
"It must be educated first to know what international quality is like. So creative business people can measure what the product standards are like. If feasible, roads and relations will be given to the next level," he explained.

In addition to inviting creative economy business actors, the Pasa Harau Art and Culture Festival also holds various cultural events such as the Itiak Race, Jawi Race, traditional music, Debus attractions, and various Minangkabau-style activities.

"While promoting tourism in the Harau valley and Minangkabau nature, this event is also an opportunity for local business people to be shifted from the local and Pasa Harau Creative Economy Actors Will Shift to the International Stage. (Rahmat de Sitepoe)