50 Kota, Archipelagoost - On the first day of Pasa Harau Culture and Art Festival 2018, visitors were entertained with performance of dance performance of Barampak Manau at Harau Valley.

Stared by dozens pairs of eyes and amazed click to see the agile and elegant movement of the little dancers. These elementary students were skilled at following the rhythm of accompaniment music. (13/4).

After the dance performances, a lively applause was directed at them. Some invited guests and foreign tourists scramble to take pictures with the little dancers who wear Minangkabau typical clothes.

Rahmi, a lecturer at Puti Ambang Bulan Sikabu Kabu Tanjung Haro Padang Panjang said that the young dancers had been trained for 1 week.

"We recruited elementary students who live in Sikabu Kabu Tanjung Haro Padang Panjang to develop their talents in the field of dance and other arts," said Rahmi.

A couple of Pasa Harau visitors, Santiago from Colombia and Anne from Germany said that they were very impressed with the dancer performance that they were still little girls but their moves were like professional dancers.

"Fortunately I am here to coincide with the event Pasa Harau Culture and Art Festival 2018.  So I can see a variety of traditional art performance at this moment", said Santiago followed with  Anne's nod. (Rahmat Sitepu)