Editor's Corner

The advancement of science and technology, especially mass media technology, makes the world seem increasingly "narrowed". Various events that occur in various hemispheres can be followed through the mass media. In addition to the closer the distance, with the advancement of this information technology community also more and more got the choice of means to reap various information.

When initially the public only got information from mass media print such as newspapers and magazines, now has been increased with the birth of electronic mass media such as radio and television. Even the computer has become a mass communication media is quite powerful with the emergence of Internet network.

Having found the modern tools that support mass communication means is very helpful to facilitate and expedite the press Indonesia in carrying out its functions. Article 3 Paragraph 1 of Law no. 40 Year 1999 About the Press explains the function of the press is as a medium of information, education, entertainment, and social control. [1]

www.archipelagopost.com comes to provide information quickly, more efficiently and accurately, and more easily accessible to the public anytime and anywhere while connected to the internet connection network.

In accordance with its name "archipelagopost" meaning - News from the Archipelago - preach all situations in NUSANTARA ( Indonesia ) which consists of provinces, districts and municipalities in accordance with the reportage by electronic media journalists to inform facts from the field.

Besides, business promotion through online media (News Media) is cheaper and faster in public. Readers can find out what information about Nusantara (Indonesia) which is useful for life. (Editor)